4 August 2020 - Beirut

Since Tuesday, I'm stunned by what happened in Beirut, a city that happened to visit last year, I think at its best moment, considering the bank crisis that followed and the terrific disaster caused by the explosion blast wave.

That time, I did a mistake, starting the day following my arrival for the first rendez-vous by feet. As old-school traveller, I always use the map to find my destination. But old-times paper-map always had a significant scale notification at the side, which in case of digital maps is not so clear and on the other hand, somebody can trick himself by rolling the mouse zooming in and out.

So I walked from my hotel neighborhood Ain Al Mraiseh all the way until I started to feel pain in my feet, and that was exactly at the point where the Charles Helou highway has as well a bridge part, exactly opposite to the eastern gate of the Free Zone.

There, for a brief moment before ordering a taxi, I had the opportunity to capture the port depots and on the opposite side some of the few-remaining houses of the old time Beirut. I cannot feel but shocked on the idea that I could have been present at the blast.

I feel sorry for all my friends and partners, no matter what the scale or the profit of our works was. A beautiful mediterranean port city, marched through civil-war pain during the recent past now is again in the midst of mayhem.

These are my sincere words, my feelings, because except doing business we are above all humans. I wish politicians, diplomats, international help to find the way to build again the so-called Paris of the Middle East and take care of its people.