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Closing the circle


Its been already ten years since I first had my first experience with Free Software groups and organisations. Enthousiasm was to be found everywhere in these groups and most of us we were good friends. We didn't care so much about being strict on policies, bureaucracy, terms of use, disclaimers etc.

Notes Project

Today, 15/04/2013 I initiate the Notes Project, a project fully dedicated to all students of Chemistry Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. When I enrolled there, on 2002, I was dreaming of Facebook like student networking, notes on the Internet and a solidarity far from what actually was happening at the time.


Fat Thursday


So, it seems that good days are here.

I never believed that I would be photographed together with my favorite greek singer, Fivos Delivorias. On that show at Petrino Cafe at Xanthi, he also presented the new unreleased song "Kokkinis Party" ("Το πάρτυ του Κοκκίνη"). Fivos was very close to the audience, he even stepped down of the stage twice to perform "Patokou Wife" ("Η γυναίκα του Πατόκου") and "The Mirror" ("Ο καθρέπτης") songs.

It was after many years that I enjoyed Fat Thursday.


Conspiracy Theories


OK. The last days we 've seen it all. We 've lived the total thriumph of paranoia, intolerance, fanatism and the death of rationalism and true faith (from who after all say they believe).

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Matrix Reloaded


I would like to thank in public my friend mr. Stamatis Nikolopoulos (BSc in Physics at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and currently ASPAITE student) who noticed a few days ago that my webpage was defaced by Myanmar Hackers Unite4m. Fortunately I managed to restore it in a few days time thanks to Google Cache and a lot of patience.


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