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Conspiracy Theories

OK. The last days we 've seen it all. We 've lived the total thriumph of paranoia, intolerance, fanatism and the death of rationalism and true faith (from who after all say they believe).

Ladies and Gentlemen,

No, the Pope didn't resign for the Antichrist to come.
Neither he resigned due to Church scandals.
Neither is a holy sign the lightning on Saint Peter dome.
Neither the Apocalypse is coming because meteors fell into Siberia.
Neither the White and the Black Brotherhoods are met at G20 on Moscow.
Neither all this stuff has anything to do with old, new or middle aged monk prophecies.
Neither the Blonde Generation will free Greece to "free" Istanbul.
Neither there is a global bankers conspiracy against Hellenism.
Neither Americans or the Pope are Satan or Bafomet.
Neither all politicians are traitors.
Neither the global revolution is to come because in 2011 we had great protests.
Neither Greece is going to bankrupt.
Neither the End of the World will come together with the New World Order.

How it comes adult people, who do not believe in "Santa Claus", even to take into account these non-sense? How it comes all these people to vote macho marginal political parties and at the same time to "Bet" the coupon game of the so-much-hated Kokkalis?

I have to state that I believe in Santa Claus, as depicted by Coca-Cola, Saint Valentine, a proper espresso in porcelain and of course fine made Italian pizza!

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