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Scientific work

Konstantinos Simeonidis; Konstantinos Boukouvalas
"Magnetic nanostructures: Growth, characterization, perspectives", Summer School of advanced materials (2003)


Chemistry on Linux - Part #2, Linux Inside magazine - January 2012 (greek)

Chemistry on Linux - Part #1, Linux Inside magazine - August 2011 (greek)

Digital certification with CAcert, Linux Inside magazine - June 2011 (greek)

Give a hand at Linux translations, Linux Inside magazine - January 2011 (greek)

Technological Crossroad, Eleftherotipia daily newspaper blog - February 2010 (greek)

The third way of computing, Eleftherotipia daily newspaper blog - January 2010 (greek)

TheLUG & Thessaloniki Linux Lab, Linux Format magazine - August 2008 (greek)

The computer for the poor, "Thessaloniki" weekly newspaper - October 2006 (greek)


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