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Fat Thursday


So, it seems that good days are here.

I never believed that I would be photographed together with my favorite greek singer, Fivos Delivorias. On that show at Petrino Cafe at Xanthi, he also presented the new unreleased song "Kokkinis Party" ("Το πάρτυ του Κοκκίνη"). Fivos was very close to the audience, he even stepped down of the stage twice to perform "Patokou Wife" ("Η γυναίκα του Πατόκου") and "The Mirror" ("Ο καθρέπτης") songs.

It was after many years that I enjoyed Fat Thursday.


...and yes 2012 was indeed a good year


Despite the abstention from keyboard. My life went into a new road so I had to change my tires. But where I've been?


Happy New Year 2012


Happy new year 2012 to all friends, fellow supporters of Free Software. All the best to your projects, programming related or not, wishes to your families and hope for a better and more free world.


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