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Matrix Reloaded

Θα ήθελα να ευχαριστήσω τον φίλο μου κο Σταμάτη Νικολόπουλο (BSc στη Φυσική στο Αριστοτέλειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θεσσαλονίκης και αυτή τη στιγμή σπουδαστή της ΑΣΠΑΙΤΕ) ο οποίος παρατήρησε πριν από λίγες ημέρες οτι η ιστοσελίδα μου υπέστη defacement από τους Myanmar Hackers Unite4m. Ευτυχώς κατάφερα να την επαναφέρω σε λίγες ημέρες χάρη στη Google Cache και αρκετή υπομονή.

...και ναι, το 2012 ήταν όντως μια καλή χρονιά

Παρά την απουσία μου από το πληκτρολόγιο. Η ζωή μου μπήκε σε ένα νέο δρόμο, συνεπώς έπρεπε να αλλάξω τα λάστιχά μου. Που ήμουν;


Happy New Year 2012

Happy new year 2012 to all friends, fellow supporters of Free Software. All the best to your projects, programming related or not, wishes to your families and hope for a better and more free world.


Making History

If they told me back in 2003 I couldn't believe it. That 8 years later I will be a part of a successfull and thriving free software organization with lot of young and happy people, international affiliations and a reference for GNU/Linux in Greece.

We happened to start from 0. Bohemians at the port. I loved that. Then straightforward to the most dense financial district of the Balkans. After that two tough years into the deep hole of the financial crisis, bleeding to support and support with bleeding.

The view is beautiful from the top

At July 8th 2011, three years have passed since I re-entered "into the game" of the Free Software after a meditative stop of one and a half year in order to dedicate to my studies. Through these three years there were good and bad moments but it was always a struggle for the best and most qualitative promotion of Free Software and its philosophy. I stuck with other people and saw also many shooting stars passing by in front of my eyes. At the end what matters, is to encounter with all difficulties in patience and prudence.


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