openCoffee 23

Yesterday was the first time that I attended openCoffee meeting which took place at the New City Hall of Thessaloniki Municipality. I confess that I was with the best impression because the whole feeling was - according my readings - that I am present at a Homebrew Computer Club meeting in 1980's. Only that, these congregations are not just about computers and computer science youth entrepreneurship in general. Youth not just in the age content but in the context of new and innovative approaches.

Many of these are still in the incunabula and are not so popular as they deserve, so they are lost in the internet ocean. OpenCoffee shows these ideas out and brings a tail wind to the cities that is taking place. In Thessaloniki which is not chaotic as Athens is, its more easy to move around and contact everyone. An open event for open minded people willing to do work.

Congratulations to everyone who is organising and also to J. Boutaris, the mayor, who gave the permission for using the great foyer of the New City Hall.