Why I say no to Google+

Update: 25/12/2012 - I denounce this article, but not in total. The reasons against Google+ and Facebook still remain. But it is obvious that Facebook and Google+ are needed to keep in touch with many people. Use them as a tool, use them wisely.

These days there is a phrenitis on the web about a new social network called Google+. Some months ago I proudly debarked from the Google ship, stop using Google Docs, Calendar, Picasa, Blogger, Reader and Youtube. I continue to use Gmail, Google Translate and seeing Youtube videos without subscription.

But why another social network? Google Wave was a failure and Facebook is the dominant player in the "Photo & Info" social networks. Is there any chance for Google+ ? Yes, there is because is a Google Service. So you have just to receive an invitation and log into the service. Google will make the appropriate suggestions automatically and will bring you in touch with your friends.

This is exactly what I hate.

After a lot of thought the six months without Facebook and after recent watching of the Italian comedy trilogy Amici Miei I realize that even the cellular phone is an item that weakens the real bond between people and friends. You are not trusty if you don't answer to your cell phone. Remembering the era before cell phone I recall that if I had to organize a date I had to trust whom I was about to meet. If she didn't show up, this meant that something unfortunate happened. So what? I would learn about what happened later. If this was or was not true that couldn't change with the use of the cell phone. The only thing that changes is the anxiety "why she doesn't answer (on the cellphone)"  or "why is she late".

I mentioned the Italian trilogy Amici Miei because it shows exactly the trust between the five friends without the need of technology and it reminds what the telephone communication was about. A mean of communication that could also be used occasionally to have fun. Of course, today someone can make new contacts and friends through the web but even in this way, real trust by close touch cannot be replaced.

I have friends I have met for first time on the web and I trust them a lot and I had some friends I have met in real life and lost their trust because I just couldn't sync with their web social network. But nothing is like friends you have met in real life and have mutual trust for years, without the need of exchanging virtual pokes or sms'es every now and then.

These are what I call amici miei.

P.S. Dedicated to my good friends George and Kostas.